Unique Konane Boards for Hawaiian Checkers

Konane, a Hawaiian version of checkers, uses solid hard wood and marble pieces for this board game. It's been a game enjoyed by Hawaiians since earliest times as evidenced in the numerous stone Konane boards in many ancient villages in Hawaii.

These unique checkers boards are especially hand made and are exquisite pieces of home leisure equipments. They come in small and large sizes. The small ones measure 5 and a half by 6 and a half inches with 30 Konane marbles pieces. The pieces are divided into 2 groups, 15 for each of the two players. One group is colored black and the other white. There is an extra provision of one marble each. The marbles are kept in velveteen pouches.

The large sets measure 8 by 10 inches with 42 Konane shiny marbles, 20 white and 20 black. There is also an extra marble each, all placed in velveteen pouches. The square boards are about an inch thick and looking like varnished chopping boards with the grain and natural color of wood showing in their appealing simplicity. The entire board surface is covered with rows of half holes where marbles are to be placed. Small boards have 5 rows and 6 columns o holes while big boards have 7 rows and 6 columns of the same.

Konane unique checkers boards may also come with small natural black stones or bleached corals. These go better with the native wooden boards, perhaps reminiscent of the way they were played in ancient times. The marble or stone pieces are laid out on the board in alternating color sequence. When it is played the game starts from the middle of the board going outward to its edges. As the game reaches the edges more boards may be added to extend the original board's size. The number of pieces used also increases. They cost around $56 to $60 per set.

Konane checkers boards are excellent gift or souvenir items for friends and relatives. They are excellent display pieces at home and in the office. They can be an interesting alternative to traditional checkers boards that the family would love to try. The large boards are ideal for family use while the small ones are great to show off in the office or at school.

These unique checkers boards from Hawaii make very attractive and interesting pieces of game boards we can be proud of. They are fascinating, unique, and durable to last a lifetime.