Solid Marble Boards for Luxury Checkers

Marble has always been a material of choice for royalty and splendor. For a clue on how royalty of old must have played checkers try playing with the matchless luxury of marble checkers boards.

Boards used for checkers made of black and boticina natural marble stones are perfect for tamed hue tones of board square patterns. While other boards are painted with stark contrasting black and white, marble sets have mild black squares subtly paired with neutralized beige ones. The smooth and glistened surface of marble plus its solid weightiness add to the overall modishness of marble boards.

Even checkers pieces that come with these luxury stone boards are also chiseled and smoothened marble with the same subtle natural coloration. We may also opt to have their chess counterpart pieces similarly made. These boards come in various sizes and are protected with velvet storage cases for an overall classy look. With 12 by 12 inches boards checkers size comes in half inch thickness and an inch in diameter. There are 28 pieces, 12 each player plus 2 extra pieces per player.

Some marble boards come in 16 by 16 inches in size. These boards have a price range from $65 to $90 per board, excluding the pieces. The pieces range from $45 to $60. Prices depend on the size. Some sets come with 32 chess pieces which may also be used as checkers pieces. We may opt to have both chess and checkers pieces with a single board.

Marble checkers boards may be of a fixed or folding type. Folding types are also box-types that serve as storage for the pieces. Non-folding types have separate velvet cases where both the board and the pieces are stored. Cases or box-type, make sure the locking mechanism is of a sturdy material, like a brass pin lock system. Hook and screw types are often easily broken from the weight of the marble board and pieces.

While bigger sized marble boards are best for home and office use, there are also handy and pocket-sized marble boards for enjoying luxurious checkers outdoors. Showoff elegantly carved and polished checkers or chess pieces with their matching regal board as we play the game by a poolside or the beach. We may also use them as we relax at our favorite café.

Heavy marble checkers boards are a great come-ons for luring friends and relatives to games of checkers if we're looking for company. With these sets we'll never have to play alone.