Smooth and Elegant Stone Boards for Checkers

How about owning a checkers board with a nature-inspired theme made of combined polished wood and stone accentuated by copper margins? This would be a truly unique piece deserving prominence in our cabinet collection.

Traditional checkers boards are good. But we may also opt for unusual types to play with. Aside from the usual light or heavy wooden materials boards are made of, there are also other unorthodox materials like stones. These stone checkers boards are dark and light colored natural stone tiles glistened and set on wooden boards with metal copper boundary lines. They measure 16 by 16 inches boards and weigh just right with the 64 stone tile chips not too thick to add on unnecessary burden and not too thin to easily break. They cost almost a hundred dollars a set.

Checkers pieces for stone boards come with the set for free. So in effect we only pay for the board. We may choose light or heavy smooth and antiquated wooden pieces, glossy plastic, light metal, or unique glass pieces which add elegance to the whole thing. Stone boards also look super classy with an array of sparkling glass chess pieces to go with the gleaming stone squares and shimmering copper margins. The combo is perfect as we sip our favorite cocktail from tall, crisp wine glasses.

Stone checkers boards may be left on the living room table as ornamental display pieces or kept in a cabinet of collections or even hanged on a wall. Show them off on top of a piano or a television console. Hang four stone boards of various shades on the wall, with different natural stone textures and coloration. Hang them in a cluster of four to make them look like one big framed stone collections, or separately as a kind of four-season wall décor.

Stone boards are especially hand-crafted. Each natural stone is chipped off to its right form and size manually and arranged on the board according to their appropriate fittings. Each stone should correspond to the alignment set on the board through the margins made by copper strips. Any one stone measuring longer or wider than the rest would disturb the symmetry of the pattern and result to a crooked square alignment. Thus, each set is perfect human craftsmanship.

If we're looking for something out of the ordinary in checkers we should try natural stone checkers boards. They are not only amusing sets to play with but interesting home or office decors as well.