Pocket-Sized Boards for Travelling Checkers Players

Bored of travelling very long distances? Not anymore if we're fond of playing checkers. Now, we can bring along a full checkers board complete with accessories without bothering about bulk and weight. We not only can hand-carry it, we can also keep it in our shirt pocket. Introducing pocket-sized checkers boards.

These mini-sized checkers boards are outstanding. We can use them in planes, ships, and even in fast moving buses, cabs, and trains. No need to worry about pieces falling off during the travel or when the vehicle we're riding on suddenly jolts to a start or stop.

These cute boards are designed to withstand the shock of travelling vehicles even at high speeds or ragged terrain. Rest assured the checkers game won't be disturbed by falling off or scattering pieces.

Pocket-sized checkers boards often measure 3.75 by 5.5 inches and playable with checkers or chess. The glossy box acts as storage for the game pieces or accessories while the top surface, which acts as the box cover, displays the square pattern for the checkers or chess game.

To take care of accessory displacement some board types come with magnetized pieces. But to make the set cheaper, some boards are fitted with tiny holes in the middle of each square. The pieces have pins or small "tongues" beneath them which are inserted into the holes on the squares for a firm hold.

In many ways, pieces with tongues inserted into board holes get firmer holds that do magnetized pieces. Especially when the travel gets very bumpy magnetized pieces still have the tendency to slide, fall, or leap off the board even when the board is rimmed. With tongued pieces held securely in holes or grooves the pieces remain in place even if the whole box falls off from our hands.

With handy pocket-sized checkers boards travelling for hours can be fun. We may play alone and study recorded plays of pros as we simulate their moves on our small board or invite a fellow passenger to a quick match if we're travelling alone. Just don't challenge the driver. And we'll have leisurely travels using any mode of transportation.

These mini boards come cheap, costing from $8.50 to $9.99. They fit in clutch bags, belt bags, attaché cases, back packs, and even in our jacket or shirt pockets. We can keep them right away after the travel without having to disassemble them.

Travelling checkers and chess aficionados now have a traveler-friendly option on checkers or chess boards.