Marble and Onyx Checkers Boards

There are few better combinations that make up a unique checkers boards than marble and onyx. The two natural hard stones give checkers boards a touch of supreme quality and durability.

Black Zebra marble stones are interesting materials that naturally attain a delicate mix of soft black and charcoal with slight but distinguishable traces of veining white crystals. This subdued black tone is paired with the natural white creamy shade of real onyx. The result is a super smooth, alternating milky and chocolaty colored checkers squares. The checkers pieces are equally rendered. Thus, we have a very attractive board to showoff around.

These boards are manually crafted. Each marble and onyx square piece is hand-chipped, measured, and glossed to fit onto the board. The boards come in various sizes, to fit both indoor and outdoor functions. As indoor boards they're perfect not only for family use but as decorative pieces to mingle with our valuable ornamental displays. They're perfect heirlooms to pass on to posterity. For outdoor use, they are durable against the elements and wear and tear. They are also excellent gifts to friends.

These unique checkers boards come in various sizes: in 12 by 12 inches or in 16 by 16 inches. Their prices range from $50 to a hundred dollars. These boards are protected with velvet cases where the board and pieces are stored when not in use. The cases are fitted with durable lock mechanisms that withstand the pressure caused by the stones pieces' weight.

There are also mini-size marble and onyx boards for taking on trips or to school, the office, or anywhere we plan to spend some time in. They are perfect for passing time away or while relaxing with friends during breaks. These small boards are box-type folding kinds that house the checkers pieces at the same time. They can snugly fit in our pant or jacket pockets, back packs, attaché cases, or luggage. They're also perfect as keepsakes for love ones.

When it comes to long-lasting checkers boards, the durability of marble and onyx boards are among the most trusted. They cannot discolor because their colors are naturally possessed. They cannot be easily dropped from the board because of their weight. Their gloss stays with them and gets pronounced as we rub them with cloth. Thus, they deserve room in our collection shelves.

Marble and onyx boards are elegant and unique checkers boards that reflect not only our zeal for the game but also our taste for fine quality.