Fossil and Onyx Stone Boards

How about checkers boards made of mineral stones derived from the heart of the earth? It will be like playing the game as well as catching glimpses of the wonders of the deep. We capture both the challenge and mystery of fossil stone boards for checkers.

With fossil boards, the dark squares are made of natural fossil stones. These mysterious stones were separate elements that have long been imbedded in the earth. They formed through the fossilization of earthen elements and living organisms mixed together and baked by the interaction of heat and moisture. Through the years they petrified and turned into stones.

These stones, chipped off from the bowels of the earth and gathered and sorted out, have been hand picked and handcrafted into checkers patterns. For the light colored squares, natural onyx stones have been chosen, thoroughly polished and carved to size to fit the board pattern. The result is an exotic board piece unlike any other with matching unique pieces of the same materials. They come in different sizes, mostly from 12 by 12 inches to 16 by 16 inches.

Fossil board prices ranges from $70 to $90, excluding the pieces which range from $50 to $80 a set. Whole sets of board and pieces may come with a special velvet case. Other boards for checkers foldable in two serve as both the playing board and storage place for the pieces.

For more reasonably priced sets we may opt for the smaller board types. Try smaller versions that fit clutch or belt bags or even those that fit jacket pockets. They are designed like books that open into checkers boards and contain the pieces inside. A tongue and groove locking mechanism holds the closed board intact and easily opens when about to be used.

Fossil boards are excellent gifts during special occasions and keepsakes for special ones. They are also perfect as collection sets to fill our display shelves at home or in the office. They may also grace our library bookshelves as an exhibit of an ornamental handcrafted item. Best of all, fossil boards can stimulate interest in the game due to its unique design and makeup. It would be easy to invite people for a match or two.

Fossil and onyx boards for checkers are very interesting items to own and play with. Their natural and handcrafted materials can easily invite curiosity in people and start appreciating not only the game but the craftsmanship as well.