Embroidered Checkers for Scrolled-Type Boards

We have probably seen all the solid box-type checkers sets which also function as cases for checkers pieces. They may be sturdy and easy to store but they are bulky sets to carry around, especially when we plan to take them outdoors. But we have another option for a lighter and more manageable checkers board we can take anywhere conveniently—embroidered checkers boards.

These "boards" are not the usual plywood or heavy wood that we often see around. They are patched or embroidered rags patterned after the square sequence and colors of a regular checkers board. Some of them are fitted with heavy wooden sticks or metal rods at the top and bottom edges for a scroll-effect. The sticks are bolted or screwed with balls or ornamented tips on both ends.

Clothing materials for this board-type are thickly kneaded rags similar to those used as carpets. The squares are either embroidered (which are more costly) or simply digitally printed. Square colors are lively black and white or red and blue alternately. We may use plastic glossy checker chips, glass chips, metal, or even individual cloth or embroidered patches. We may also use this checkers rag board for chess.

Rag-type checkers boards may be folded or scrolled up to take outdoors or on a trip. It's as easy as rolling them flat on a table or the ground and placing the pieces on them and start playing. Because they're light weight and very convenient to carry, rag boards may be brought in several sets in a back pack for camp-out competitions. Just roll them up neatly and stacked in the back pack. Checkers pieces may be kept in a separate cloth bag or felt case.

Rag boards may also serve as table rag pieces or placed on the TV or cassette player as protective covers when not in use. When designed as a scroll they may be rolled down and hanged on walls as decors to break the monotony of a blank wall span. They may also be mats for vases on shelves, cabinets, or tables. Over-sized versions may be placed on the seats of our cars.

Simple and cheaper rag boards are thickened or padded patches of extra clothing materials machine sewn into whole pieces. They may also be pillow cases for square sofa throw pillows. Soft checkers boards of clothing materials—printed, sewn, or embroidered—are good for a unique checkers experience and as a home embellishing alternative. That's fun and décor rolled into one.