Colossal Checkers for Big-Time Players

When we're playing checkers we pit checkers pieces against each other. Then, when some pieces have been crowned kings, we make them chase ordinary pieces around the board. Have we asked how it feels being a piece running around a checkers board for our lives while being chased by killer kings? Now we can have that experience.

It's amazing to be able to play using giant checkers boards. Instead of having the board on a table and looking down at it, we can now stand with our pieces and actually feel the environs of a checkers board through a gigantic board version. With these boards, we not only move pieces by the touch of our fingers; we carry or push them around as we ourselves stand in the middle of the battle field and lead them in the clash.

These enormous boards are big and lightweight rubber mats assembled on the floor or flat ground. Colored checkers rubber squares vary in sizes. We may even have ours tailored for a specific use. We may have them 12 by 12 inches per square or 3 by 3 feet per square. With a total of 64 squares, those measuring 12 by 12 inches will occupy 9,216 square-inch of space (or 64 square-feet), and those measuring 3 by 3 feet will occupy 576 square-feet of space.

Assemble these giant squares on an open garden, on a sandy beach, or by a pool side and enjoy exciting games of checkers under the morning or late afternoon sun. The rubber thickness comes in one or two inches. Thus, we may roll around or dive on the checkers boards as we play the game in sheer excitement. Checkers pieces may be of colored rubber or Styrofoam.

Giant checkers boards may also be constructed on a concrete floor with plaster finish and painted according to e checkers board design. We may have the giant pieces of lightweight wood (like pine wood) and tailored to a desired design—soldiers, animals, or chess pawns. The whole giant set makes for an amusing theme for a covered court or tropical veranda in a garden or beside a pond or lake. It will be both a mental and physical activity—what with the strategizing, bending, and pushing.

Giant checkers boards are impressive sets that never fail to amaze onlookers. It allows for a unique checkers experience and an extra physical activity aside from its usual intellectual challenges. Oversized boards can also be classy home décor features projecting big-time lifestyle.