"Chocolaty" Board Design for Checkers

Here are promotional checkers boards our kids would love. They are checkers boards back to back with tic-tac-toe boards in one piece. And best of all they are made for M&M, the makers of the popular candy chocolate. They are excellent collector's items and they come in tin packaging.

The boards are just like the usual ones used in checkers. Only, these boards and their tin packaging are printed with colorful and glossy M&M advertisements featuring variations of its popular candy coated chocolate chips. The boards are made of a special hard cardboard material wrapped in colorful ads materials mixed in the game board designs. The main board face is an 8 rows by 8 columns checkers pattern applied with multi-color highlighters.

On the back is a square pattern for tic-tac-toe games plus clusters of advertising graphics to remind players of crunchy coated mouth-watering chocolate products in their attractive colors. And it may be a good idea to have some of those sugary, crusty chocolate chips around to nibble at while enjoying a classic game of checkers or tic-tac-toe.

Another good thing about these boards is that they come with unique checker pieces designed after chocolate characters. Basically the pieces come in 4 colors—green, red, blue and yellow. Green and red stand for luscious milk chocolate chips and the yellow and blue for peanut filled chocolates. Choose what teams we play—green versus yellow or red versus blue. It's always a battle between the milky chocolate warriors against the peanut-filed choco-interceptors.

These promotional checkers boards are good displays in our cabinet of collections, kept to gain value over time. Collector's items like these boards are sure to increase in value and would someday be worth a hefty price. Aside from providing thrilling board games for the family and friends, if handled with care, they can also be a good investment. Priced today at $14.99 the board may cost double in a number of years.

The tin boxes to store the boards in when not in use are perfect preservers of the valuable items. We may play indoors or opt to take them outdoors. The tin box also prevents the edges and corners of the boards from folding or wearing out with use or time. And of course, it also protects the boards from the elements.

Promotional checkers boards are always worth our money. Aside from their colorful reminders of the products they advertize, they also are a worthy investment to make.