Chinese Checkers Wooden Board

One of the best looking game boards are wooden Chinese checkers boards made from cherry tree chunk ply boards. When given a clear coating varnish the effect is a fresh, natural light-colored board more attractive and inviting to play with.

A wooden board for Chinese checkers may come in two varieties: a board for a two-player game and another for a six-player game. These US-made boards are etched with half round holes for placing marble checker pieces. At the back of these boards are engraved instructions on how the game is played.

Two-player wooden checkers boards are mostly diamond-shaped with the players' sides found on both the elongated portions of the diamond. Half of the twenty marbles are colored red and the other half blue. Ten marbles are given each player at the start.

With Chinese checkers boards there are no squares with alternating colors. Instead there are only half round carvings where marble pieces are fitted as they are moved. The diamond boards measure 12 inches long and about a half inch thick.

Two-player boards are perfect for dual matches in more serious venues for a more concentrated play. A group may use it a pair at a time until the best player emerges the champion. Two-player boards are often priced $21.50 a piece. A pouch comes with a set for storing marbles.

Wooden Chinese checkers boards designed for 6 players are mostly round pieces of elegant cherry ply boards. The natural wood texture and ring lines are made more pronounced through the clear varnish coating (the same with the 2-player board). They measure 11 and a half inches in diameter. The board face is etched with half-round holes forming a star of David shape with 6 triangular ends. At the back of the board are also engraved instructions on how to play the game.

The 6 triangular ends are where the marbles are assembled in formation at the start of a game. Each triangular end represents a camp for a player. Ten marbles are given to each player totaling 60 marbles. Each set of ten are given a specific color—yellow, red, green, black, blue, and white.

The board is perfect for family enjoyment where each player tries to outdo the others in transferring marble pieces to the opposite camp. They are often priced $32 a piece. A pouch comes with a set for storing marbles.

Wooden Chinese checkers boards are smartly designed boards for two to six people who want a more classy feel of the game.