Boards of Shells with an Oriental Touch

Solid, sturdy but light weight checkers boards can be made of materials abundantly found in tropical countries. A combination of dried, silvery sea shells and a mosaic of coconut shells can be made into boards for checkers which are durable yet light weight.

Tropical deep sea shells like silver shelled mollusks are hand cut to size and dried out in the sun. These shells are often made into stringed curtains or window patches in Eastern countries, but another innovation with them is to be used as light squares on checkers boards. When flattened, polished, and smoothened these silvery shells become excellent squares for boards.

For the dark squares, processed coconut shells cut into small mosaic pieces and glued together provide a good alternative. When arranged alternately with the sea shells and laminated the result is a durable but light-weight Oriental-looking checkers board. The pieces may be of similar materials mounted and glued on thin wooden chips and laminated for strength and gloss.

Some variations use coral stones with sea shells or coconut shells with onyx stones. They may be applied on big or small boards, folding or non-folding. The overall result is an ornate checkers set delightful to the touch and amusing to the sight. The board is a marvelous piece for both an enjoyable play and an ornamental décor for home and office.

Boards for checkers made of shells make perfect souvenir pieces as a gift or remembrance. We can give them to both checkers aficionados and non-aficionados because they also serve as good decorative pieces. For families we may opt to give the 16 by 16 inches board size. While for offices we may opt for the 12 by 12 inches size. As individual gifts we may prefer the smaller units, most preferably the pocket-size shell boards.

Boards of shell materials are durable. They are expected to last long. They don't easily crack even under great pressure, like a fall or a big weight over them. Coconut shells are especially able to withstand wear and tear. So boards of these materials are apt to survive time and frequent usage. They are also resistant to moist or water, and thus great for outdoor use. Once we opt to buy a shell checkers board we're opting for long-lasting value.

Shell boards for checkers with their pieces are not only unique checker sets that inspire interest in the game but also precious souvenir items that inspire lasting friendships. Their oriental touch adds to the meditative nature of the game.