A Four-in-One Checkers Board

It's fun to play checkers outdoors. When planning on taking a checkers board along on a holiday picnic trip or to a camp out in the woods in summer, opt for a portable checkers board with three available board games in one.

Four-in- one checkers boards provide not only the amusement of checkers or draughts, but also chess, Chinese checkers, and snakes and ladders. They come in different sizes but the 10 by 8 inches variety is more handy and compact. The box is made of sturdy but light weight polyvinyl chloride with a glossy cornice face board that also acts as sliding door to a two-part compartment in the box.

The compartment that occupies the whole area of the box holds the checker and chess plastic pieces with glossy finish. The sliding door that also acts as a board face for the snakes and ladders and Chinese checkers can flip open at mid-span to reveal the two-part compartment in full where the pieces are stored. The checker pieces are small plastic discs acting as both draughts and Chinese checkers pieces. Small chess pieces are in their usual design made of plastic.

For the snakes and ladders game the chess and checkers pieces may be used. There's a small dice that comes with the set for this game. The snakes and ladders side has attractive and colorful graphics to attract young players with easy to recognize picture instructions.

The face on the base of the portable checkers board box acts as the chess and checkers board. Just flip the whole box over and we're ready to play chess and 8 by 8 squares checkers any time. The chess board face is algebraically notated on all edges for easy tracking of piece location and movements. The edges of the board are layered for a hedge effect to secure pieces from sliding.

After playing a game the pieces are easily disassembled and placed inside the box compartment very easily. Being compact the whole game board box can easily fit into a camping bag, a back pack, or even a clutch bag. Because it is light weight it won't make a difference as far as added weight is concerned. As a bonus, it can also serve as a light but sturdy portable writing desk for scribbling maps and other similar needs.

It's always more convenient to opt for a portable checkers board instead of the traditional bulky ones. Often times, this is true for both outdoors and indoors.